You want to have a profitable, world-class online course that your students love.

The problem is you're doing all the course work when you should be running your business. Or worse, you've hired someone to help but you're still managing the process.

There's a better way to create online courses.

Whether you want to improve your student learning results, increase your course revenue, or boost your authority with premier course offerings, I can help.

Hi, I’m Janelle.


You've got a learning problem, not a sales problem. 

But there's another, bigger, issue: you're not trained to diagnose and solve learning gaps in your course.

Your job is to run your business.

As an Instructional Designer, I'm trained to identify and solve learning gaps. My job is to build you a world-class online course that gets results for your students and your business.

i build world-class courses that improve learning, increase revenue, & boost authority.

What Life Looks Like For You After We Work Together

  • When you launch your course, you can focus on the marketing because the content is rock solid. Boom! Money made.
  • Your students are happier and completing the course with better results due to your amazing curriculum.
  • Hundreds of students are knocking down the door to get into your course due to the gold-star praise circling the Internet.
  • You provide a world-class learning experience that sets your business apart from others in your niche. 
  • You get 15 hours a week back that you can spend with your family...or your own damn self!
The organization and methodology that you bought to the table was something we were missing. You’ve taken [the work] off my shoulders and done it a lot better than I would.
— Brent Weaver, CEO, uGurus LLC

service offerings 

If you're thinking, "All this sounds great, but what do I actually get?" At a high-level, here are the two services offered:

  • CourseMap: A complete blueprint of your online course, including a learner analysis, course outline, learning outcomes, and marketing recommendations. 
  • Full custom course development: I work with your team to design a course based on your learner and business needs--from start to finish, managing the project and resources along the way (includes CourseMap).
  • Availability - currently 2 slots available for September

  • Price - Starting at $2000

I work best with:

  • Small teams who don't have the resources or expertise to create courses in-house
  • Founders and CEOs who want to create world-class programs (and increase their profit margins)
  • Business owners with a proven service and loyal audience who want to pivot from services to digital products, but don't know where to start
Janelle is a pro. She is a wizard with content design, learning & technology. In short - she took my course from zero to ready-to-go.
— Alison Crosthwait, Founder, The Good Therapist

Apply Today to get started

Here's what happens next:

  1. You fill out the Project Starter application.
  2. I’ll send you an email with a few questions about your business & a link to schedule a 1-1 call.
  3. On the call, you get all your questions answered and can choose to kickoff your project

Availability - currently 2 slots available for September

Price - Starting at $2000

(Note: All projects are by application only. Unfortunately, I'm unable to accept every project. If we're not the best fit, I’ll tell you right away.)

My course has gotten at least 400% ROI since working with you.
— Philip Morgan, Founder, Philip Morgan Consulting
My course has gotten at least 400% ROI since working with you. - Philip Morgan

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