Custom Course Services

If you're looking for 1-on-1 help with your online course, here's a few options:




C-Suite Custom Course

If you're a CEO or Founder who's constantly being pulled into course development, it's time to hire help. Because that's not your job.

Work with me to get you and your team back to doing what you do best: growing your business.

Starts at $7500

*I'm currently booked out until early August 2017 for full course development.*

There are drivers in the world and there are passengers. Janelle is definitely a driver. I felt very comfortable handing her the keys to work with our team.
— Brent Weaver, CEO, uGurus



CourseMap Pro

If you want to bring on an instructional designer to improve the quality of your online course & boost your business results, CourseMap Pro is the perfect solution.

CourseMap Pro is an intensive evaluation of your business, your learners and your course to make sure your content supports your goals. 

This is perfect for small teams and mid-size businesses who want to create world-class learning.

Duration: 4 weeks


Whatever your objection is to hiring Janelle, get rid of it. She’s frigging awesome. And the price is far outweighed by the value she delivers.
— Stanley Tate, Student Loan Attorney,



spark session

If you're not sure where to start, a Spark Session will help you get quick guidance so you can finish your course.

With Spark, you choose what you need help with and we'll work together to complete one deliverable (e.g. review your course, create an outline, evaluate your marketing plan, etc).

Duration: 90 minutes + 48 hours of email support


$449 (Summer Sale!)

Janelle’s advice and feedback are proving invaluable as I complete my online course. She opened my eyes to ideas I hadn’t considered. More importantly, I now feel confident that when I launch, I’ll be offering my audience a quality course that delivers on its promises.
— Yoneco Evans, Business Strategist
I would definitely recommend working with Janelle because you get both a structured environment and a flexible approach based on your specific needs. This NEVER felt like a cookie-cutter discussion. Janelle was always responding and asking questions based on the information I had, or the information I was most interested in.
— Pedro Cuencas, eLearning Developer,

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