Savvy Start

You're a solo business owner with an exciting course idea but no clue where to start.

You want to turn your expertise into an online course, but you have questions. (So many questions!)

Who do you target?

Where do you find customers?

How do you validate your course idea?

Savvy Start will answer your questions and help you start the smart way.


  • 60-min initial Discovery Call to discuss your business, audience and course idea.

  • A 2-page Game Plan delivered to you within a week of our call. This will include:

    • Clarification on your target audience

    • A list of places you can find and engage your potential customers

    • Ideas for validating your course idea

    • A checklist of the step-by-step actions to take next

  • 1 week of support via email after we complete our session

  • A recording of our call so you can refer to it later

HOW IT WORKS (read this):

  1. Click the button below to apply.

  2. You'll receive a link to sign a simple contract and pay your invoice.

  3. You'll get a link to schedule our Discovery Call.

  4. You'll also have 72 hours to complete your pre-work (the Welcome Questionnaire) and send me any existing materials necessary before our call.

  5. (If your pre-work isn't complete, you'll get one opportunity to reschedule.)

  6. On our Discovery Call, we’ll dive deep into your business, course idea and goals.

  7. Next, I'll begin working on everything covered in the "What You Get" section.

  8. Within one week, I’ll send over your Game Plan and a recording of our call (which are yours to keep forever).

  9. After you receive your Game Plan, my inbox will be open to you for 1 week for questions.




1 spot left for SEPTEMBER!

Janelle was very thorough going through my course and providing me with incredibly valuable feedback on what worked and what didn’t, and how to improve it. Moving forward she’s given me a detailed outline of what steps I can take to improve the next incarnation of my course. I’d highly recommend!
— Darlene Hildebrandt,

Who this is for:

  • Solo business owners (or small teams) who have a working website or landing page.

  • Business owners with an email list under 1000 people.

  • Business owners who need help getting started, esp. validating your idea and getting customers.

Who this is not for

  • Business owners without a website or landing page.

  • Business owners who are not willing to take action and work on their business.

  • Business owners who are not ready to invest in their growth.

I would definitely recommend working with Janelle because you get both a structured environment and a flexible approach based on your specific needs. This NEVER felt like a cookie-cutter discussion.
— Pedro Cuencas,




1 spot left for SEPTEMBER!

About Janelle

I'm an Instructional Designer who specializes in helping small teams improve learner results, increase revenue, and impact lives.

With a Masters of Science degree in Instructional Technology, I'm trained to identify learning gaps, design curriculum, and manage Subject Matter Experts.

In other words, I'm here to make your life easier so you can get back to running your business.

I love working with consultants and small teams who give a damn about their customers. If that's you, let's work.

Janelle offers help not hype. I have worked with her one-on-one and am part of her Facebook group and I plan to keep working with her to build my online brand, sales, effectiveness, and efficiency.
— Cathy McNally



1 spot left for SEPTEMBER!

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