Here are my favorite resources to run your online education business. 

(Heads up: There are some affiliate links on this page. I only share products that I've personally used. Also, most of these offer you a free trial so you can test the waters. If you decide to click, you'll be supporting Zen Courses. Thanks!)

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profit first

by Mike Michalowicz

Is your business profitable? If you’re a business owner, it’s easy to focus on what’s in your bank account instead of profitability. In this book, Mike shares his method for assessing your business’s financial health and making profit a habit. I’m really enjoying it so far!

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Tool of the Month


Do you offer a mix of courses and services? Then, you probably have a million tools to manage your contracts, client onboarding documents, invoices, etc. I know I did. 

Now I only use one tool: Dubsado. It not only puts everything in one place, but it's also saved me countless hours of admin time. Everything is completely automated, templatized, and organized.

Click here to check out Dubsado and save 20% off your first month!

Course Platforms


Thinkific is my #1 online course platform recommendation. They've been around the longest and have the most learning features for your students. Oh, and did I mention their amazing support?

Want the best teaching and learning features? Go with Thinkific. Click here to give them a try! 


Podia (formerly Coach) is the new kid on the block. Podia's mission is to help you sell memberships, digital downloads, and--yep--online courses.

While they're light on learning features, they make up for it with great design, usability, & support. 

Check out Podia out today!

Email Service Providers



I’ve tried all of the major Email Service Providers and ConvertKit is the only one I recommend. Need forms? Check. Need automation? Check. Landing pages? Check. Look no further than ConvertKit for your email needs!

Plans range from $29/mo to $79/mo

Sign up here to get 1 month free!

Landing Pages

Leadpages is the only tool I use for landing pages and pop-up opt-in forms. They have tons of professional designs for your landing pages. And now you can even accept payments directly in Leadpages. Highly recommended! 

Click here to get a free 14-day trial.

Webinars & Workshops


Crowdcast is my number one choice for webinars and workshops. Period. And I've used nearly a dozen. Plus their customer support is amazing. It's paid, so if you're looking for a free webinar solution, consider Google Hangouts. The engagement features built into Crowdcast will be a game-changer for your webinars and workshops. Check 'em out!


If you're looking for a non-browser based video conferencing solution, you can't go wrong with Zoom. It's got tons of education features, like breakout rooms and whiteboards. It works well in low-bandwidth situations. Plus the pricing is incredibly reasonable.

Quizzes & Surveys



Want to create surveys that get a response? Use Typeform. You can create surveys, simple quizzes, applications—you name it! Plus, it integrates with several email tools.

Try Typeform for free today & save 10% when you upgrade.


Interact is a new tool I've been testing and so far I'm a fan. Want to create quizzes and embed them in your courses? You can do that. You can also use it to create quizzes to generate leads & grow your list.  

Click here to check it out!

Screencasts & Video Editing


If you need to create screencasts, animations or edit your videos, Screenflow is my #1 recommendation. It's incredibly easy to use and directly exports to YouTube and Wistia. At $129 it's a steal. (Mac only)


Another option for screencasting and video editing is Camtasia. It's a bit more pricey ($199), but it also has more features, like green screen. There's a free trial too. (Mac & Windows)

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