Hi, I’m Janelle.

Welcome to my nerd-dom! You’re probably here because you found me on the Googles or someone you respect sent you here, right? Cool.

And I’ll bet you’re also wondering why/if this site is worth your time, right? Well, I’ll give it to you straight:

  1. You won’t hear me tell you how easy it is to create an online course. (Creating transformation is hard work.)

  2. You won’t hear me sell you on the idea that courses are passive income. (There’s nothing passive about teaching.)

  3. And you won’t see me pushing endless affiliate products so I can buy a new Tesla. (I prefer cycling.)

None of that helps YOU. And I think you’re smart enough to know that.

There are thousands of online courses out there. The question isn’t how to create an online course; the question is what’s going to set yours apart?

The truth is online courses and programs are hard work when you give a damn.

  • They take longer than you expected.

  • Sometimes you struggle to deliver results.

  • Engagement slides.

How do you solve these problems?

As a Learning Designer, I’m here to help you find solutions and create a profitable course that changes lives.

Stick around to get articles and podcast episodes that will help you transform your learning platform.

(Plus, 1:1 help if you need it.)




That’s how your course stands out from the pack.

Where do you want to go next?

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