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Hey! Here are my current course offerings to help you grow your online course business.

Audience Decoded

Stuck because you don’t know what your audience wants to buy from you?

Learn how to uncover your audience’s needs…

…validate your course idea…

…and get closer to launching your online course or program. 💥


Janelle is the real deal. Her program helped me create and launch my first online course with actual paying students.
— Ryan Clover-Owens
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Finish Your Damn Course!


Finish Your Damn Course! is a group program for business owners who need help creating their course.

Get the guidance, accountability, and community you need to finally finish your damn course. 

Price: starts at $1497

Janelle is REAL. She is not all “make-money-while-you-are-boating-in France” like so many others. She acknowledges that online courses are not effortless, that they do take work, and THEN she tells you how to do that work. She gives you practical, actionable tips, options, tools, not just about marketing, but about designing your course, understanding your audience, and your learners, and she makes it all easy to understand. She knows how to explain concepts well and then to give examples from her own experience or from her rich network.
— Cathy McNally
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