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It's time to get strategic about your pricing.

Pricing your online course can be hard.

There's so many factors to consider:

  • Should you price low or high?
  • How do you know what your course is worth?
  • When should you use discounts?


Sometimes it's easier to just copy what other people are doing.

But that's not what smart course creators do. Smart course creators get strategic.

Because if you get your pricing wrong, you're basically throwing money away.

Luckily, I've got something that will help.

Pricing the Smart Way

Pricing the Smart Way is a free, 6-lesson email course to help you learn how to price your online course confidently.

Here's What You'll Learn:

✔︎ Lesson 1 - Story + Strategy: seeing the bigger picture w/ your pricing

✔︎ Lesson 2 - The #1 thing that's limiting your profit

✔︎ Lesson 3 - Three pricing mistakes to avoid

✔︎ Lesson 4 - How to figure out if you're pricing too low

✔︎ Lesson 5 - Why your customers aren't buying your course (and what to do about it)

✔︎ Plus Bonus Content

Stop throwing money away. Learn how to price your course and maximize your revenue.

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