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Here's the Equipment You Need to Get Started with Your Video Course

Creating a video course for the first time? Then you probably have questions about what equipment to choose. Most of the guides out there give you too many choices and make things overwhelming. 

Let’s fix that.

I’ve put together a quick primer on the essential equipment you need to get started. In each category, you’ll get 1 - 2 choices to keep things simple.

3 Ways to Teach Your Course

If you were to look at most of the online courses out there, it’d be easy to think that the only way to teach online is with a self-paced course. And while self-paced courses have their pros, such as high scaleability and profitability, the unspoken truth is that they also have abysmally low completion rates.

It's not uncommon to see only 20% of students complete a self-paced course. So what do you do if you want to teach your students, while also improving their learning experience and increasing course completion rates? 

5 Reasons an Ebook Isn't an Online Course

Have you ever purchased an online course only to get "access" to a PDF download? I have. And it felt like I'd been hoodwinked. You probably did too.

This trend of people marketing ebooks as online courses so they can charge more money needs to stop. It gets me fired up because I really don’t like to see you being taken advantage of.

If you have an ebook that you want to turn into an online course, this article is for you.  It's a call to action, a list of reasons why an ebook isn't an online course and--most importantly--how to actually turn your ebook into a course. 

Why I’m Moving My Email Course Away from Mailchimp

These days I live my online life by three guidelines:

  1. Never code unless there is absolutely. no. other. option.
  2. Choose tools that make my life easier and help me avoid future pain
  3. Always keep it real (what the kids call “keeping it 100”)

What the heck do these rules have to do with email courses? I'll explain at the end of this post. For now, let’s talk about my misadventures with Mailchimp and how it can help you.

How to Price Your Online Course, Part 1

If you’re creating your first online course, you’ve probably wondered how to pick the right price at LEAST twenty times. Some of you have reached out to me with this exact question. And my answer was to look at what others were doing in your niche and just start somewhere. That answer sucked. 

Turns out there's three pricing strategies to help you price your online course. And I did the research on all of them for you.

Three Things You Can Do to Validate Your Course Idea

Creating an online course is hard work. If you’re starting out, you might question whether it’s worth it. Will you gain subscribers, customers, credibility? Or will you just put a ton of work into something that fizzles out? How do you know if your course idea is worth creating? You need to validate it. Here are my 3 favorite strategies.

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