Does Your Online Course Fit Your Business?

Have you ever built a product for your online business--a course, an ebook maybe--that didn't do as well as you'd hoped? Maybe you spent months planning, writing and creating, only to have a disappointing launch? Yeah, me too. 

I remember the first time I created a learning product as an entrepreneur. I was so amped by the "just start!" mantra around the Internet that I jumped in feet first. I decided to create a webinar workshop. So I put together some slides, announced the offering to my subscribers and waited for the signups to roll in. 

Only 4 people came.

It didn’t take long before I realized my mistake: I wanted my audience to be someone they weren't. Instead of learning about the needs of my actual customers, I made something I thought they wanted. As a result, they were confused and disinterested. And it was all my fault. 

Questions to Consider

When you create an online course, or any product for that matter, at some point you have to figure out how it fits into your business plan. It's not as simple as asking "how much will I charge for this?" There are other questions to consider. Things like:

  • Does it serve your audience's needs?
  • Is it something they would pay for?
  • Are there other products that you should sell along with it?
  • How will you market your course?

If you don't have answers to these questions right now, it's okay. At the time, I didn't have answers to them either. The point is to figure them out.

Back to You

It's easy to get stuck in "just launch" mode and forget to think about your online course as a product for your business. As a product, there are key questions to ask. The simplest one being: How does your course support your business goals?

Do you know the answer?

If you don't have answers just yet, stay tuned. Next time, I'll share some insights to help you figure them out.

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