Why Zen Courses?

Many years ago, after quite a few stumbles, a graduate degree and a new city, I found myself hanging out with bloggers, makers and podcasters who all had some level of expertise that they shared with the world. I started interviewing these cool and inspiring people and loved every minute of it. Life was grand.

But I was living a double life. My day job consisted of building online courses for corporations and my "lunch hour" and after work hours were spent blogging. It didn’t take long before I lost momentum because I couldn’t figure out how to put my two worlds together and make money to sustain my blog.

Then around 2012 three things happened:

  1. I quit my job and started a business helping corporations create online courses

  2. I started to notice that entrepreneurs were creating online courses like never before

  3. Many of my online friends were unhappy with the quality of the online courses they were taking (often paying thousands of dollars to view boring PowerPoints)

For a while, I tried helping entrepreneurs through my business, Learnwise. But we entrepreneurs often have limited budgets and, let's be honest, control issues. It’s what I call the “I’ll do it myself and save money” solution. The problem with that solution is that the project rarely gets done on time. 

How Does This Help You?

There needs to be a guide to help you create your online course without spending $10k to hire someone or $2k on a course that only shows you how to sell. There needs to be a resource that will help entrepreneurs feel less overwhelmed. There needs to be a product that answers questions instead of creating them. Well, now there is. It’s called Zen Courses and it’s for you. 

What is Zen Courses?

Zen Courses is as much a resource as it is a movement. It’s a resource for affordable online course guidance. It's a movement for quality online courses. It's a stance against making online courses just for money. You're better than that. Here you'll learn how to make a kick-ass online course for your people.

Who is Zen Courses For?

Zen Courses is for entrepreneurs who want to create and sell online courses based around their expertise. Maybe you need help organizing your course? Maybe you aren’t sure what technology to use to deliver your course? Maybe you need help learning how to structure your content? You’ll find answers here.   

What Can You Expect?

You’ll find how-to articles, expert interviews and, you guessed it, online courses with one goal: to help you make better online courses. The online courses will be self-paced. Periodically, I'll host virtual office hours, webinars and workshops so we can dig in and answer your questions together. 

Welcome to Zen Courses, your guiding light for online course development.

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