Why Are You Building Your Online Course?

In 2009, Simon Sinek published a book called Start With Why, a New York Times bestseller. I bought the book but couldn't get into it. What I could get into or, rather, what got into me was the impact of Why. Sinek was on to something: great accomplishments always have a strong Why. Online courses are no exception.

What's Your Why?

As entrepreneurs, you have to know the answer to this question! Even if it's not the best answer; even if you change it 17 times; even if it makes you feel vulnerable. Creating an online course is hard work. Your Why will keep you going. It will push you to create your best work, to stay up late or wake up early and HUSTLE. You have to know your why. 

Whys Around the Internet

I surveyed a few entrepreneurs who've built successful online courses to find out their Why. Here's what they had to say.

I love [DJ] scratching and want to share that love with other people. I really struggled to learn and so I feel I am well placed to help people learn in a way that is simple, clear and minimises frustration... It makes sense to me to share what I know so that others can benefit.
— Emma from School of Scratch

What's My Why?

I talked a bit about why I launched Zen Courses before but that wasn't my Why. I was afraid to get too personal, but here goes. Why did I make Zen Courses? Here's my answer in 3 parts:

  • I'm tired of seeing weak courses out there and want to help. I've seen so many courses that are just watered-down blog posts with worksheets. It sucks when people come to me for help after spending $2k on a program and still don't know how to make their online course. I want to create something better.

  • I want to redefine education. We all have expertise or experience to share. I am SO happy that technology allows us to self-publish educational content to share with others now. Online courses are for the people by the people--I love that.

  • I want more freedom. It's been great being self-employed for the past three years. Before that I worked from home as a consultant for several years, so I've had a lot more freedom than most. Still, I want the freedom to stop doing shit I don't like. Having a service-based business can give you economic freedom but make you feel confined. I want to work with anyone I want, from anywhere I want and create whatever I want.

Back to You

So there's my Why. What's yours? Share it in the comments!

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