Teachery.co Review - Is It for You?

What is Teachery

Teachery is an Online Course Platform, founded by Jason Zook and Gerlando Piro. It joins the ranks of others like Pathwright, Teachable and Simplero--to name a few. You'll find many of the same features that you'd find in other platforms, with some exceptions I'll detail below. 

Who It's For?

Teachery is for any online entrepreneur with expertise, who wants to build a course simply and easily, i.e. without the hassle of Wordpress plugins and coding. 

How's Teachery Different?

Well, first and foremost, it's made by two incredible human beings, Jason and Gerlando. These guys really care about helping you build your course as simply as possible. But there's two other ways Teachery is different from other platforms:

  1. The have a mini-Course Outline process to help you jumpstart your course structure
  2. They give you unlimited courses and students. Yep, you read that right. Where other platforms restrict you or penalize you for having lots of students, Teachery doesn't. This is huge if you have a large enrollment, or plan to grow.
  3. Update: Teachery has discontinued this plan. Guess it wasn't sustainable after all! They have a $900 Lifetime Plan. That means you pay $900 and use it for life. I don't know of any other course platform that does this. I'd be curious to see if it's a sustainable business model.
  4. Amazing Support - Each time I've had to reach out to them, Gerlando or Jason have gotten back to me within a day. 

What Works Well

I'm a big fan of Teachery. It's a simple, highly usable product that lets you get your course out into the world. Plus--as I've said many times--technology isn't the most important part of your course. That'd be creating actionable content, i.e. an effective curriculum based on learning outcomes. It doesn't matter which course platform you choose.

Alright, I'm off my soapbox; here's what I like:

The Course Outline Process in Teachery

  1. Course Outline - When you create a new course in Teachery, it launches a course outline process that asks you what your course title and first three topics are. Then you add some introductory sentences about each one. This helps you see your initial course structure. (And you can totally add more or delete lessons once you're in the main editor.)
  2. Extremely flexible editor - You can change just about any of the pre-populated content in Teachery. And it auto-saves. It's little things like this that make Teachery a joy to use. I didn't find myself hunting for how to edit a heading, like I've done with other platforms.
  3. Holy Templates, Batman! - Every single page you could even think about creating has a template for you to work from. Even the optional emails. They make this eeesy. It's especially helpful when you're crafting a landing page.
  4. Total Customizable Lesson Pages - Don't like the lesson template? With the click of a button, you can remove entire sections in your lesson pages. You can also drag and drop your main content so it's sorted the way you want.
  5. Stripe Integration - This is pretty standard. If you have a Stripe account, you just click "Connect to Stripe" and sign in. Stripe is the only direct payment integration right now. But honestly, I don't think they need any others.
  6. Easy Branding - Stylize with ease. You can customize the color palette for everything from landing pages to payment pages.
  7. Welcome and Course Completed Emails - Teachery gives you templates for these. Just edit them and the software will automate the welcome and completion communication. It's a nice little touch that your learners will appreciate.
  8. Drip Content - This is a controversial one. Some people love drip, some people not so much. Still, it's nice to have the option. Many platforms out there don't give you that.

What Doesn't Work So Well

  1. Sparse Learning Features - This is a common complaint I have with online course platforms. If online courses are about learning, why do so many platforms leave out the learning features? I expected to see some basic quiz capabilities at the very least. Sadly, I was disappointed.
  2. Errors Embedding Video - Maybe it's user error, but the video I embedded had a Wistia banner at the top. I also had to scroll to center the video. I would've liked it to just be in place on the page.
  3. Lack of Advanced Customization - This is where Teachable wins. I'd like to have the ability to edit the code if I want to. Right now, you're stuck with what the platform allows you to do. You're also only given the option to change colors. What about fonts and such? Not a deal-breaker, but important to some.
See the weird Wistia banner and video placement?

See the weird Wistia banner and video placement?

What the final course could look like after customizing the design.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think Jason and Gerlando are on to something. They've built a platform that allows you to create your course quickly and elegantly. On top of that, they have amazing support and care about how their product helps you.

That being said, I'd like to see the guys take the platform to the next level by building more learning features. Quizzes, chat, live sessions (or webinar integration), analytics and student progress tracking--these are just a few of the features I can think of that would take the platform to the next level. (Oh, and Slack integration!)

As I discussed with Breanne Dyck, the next development in online courses will be certification programs. Platforms like Teachery would be well-positioned for that wave with more advanced learning features. Right now, while anyone can use Teachery, the platform is ideal for the beginner or mid-level entrepreneur. Still, it's a joy to use.

Grade: C+

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