A deeper look at motivation

If you're creating an online course, you're probably concerned with a few things: engagement, completion rates, learner results--and motivation.

A few months back, I wrote about ways to motivate your learners. That article touched on a few motivation tactics, but motivation is much more complex.

In fact, motivation is the key to helping students get results.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but there are two kinds of motivation. Let's talk about how to design your course for each one...

How to motivate people to finish your online course

How to motivate people to finish your online course

You've spent months creating your online course. You launch it and sell out in a week. In the first couple weeks, people are excited, they're engaging...asking questions even!

But then you start to notice things drop off. With each week it seems that less people are working on the material (you know because you've checked the stats).

Here’s the truth: people will buy your course and never complete it. 

Online courses have a reputation for abysmal completion rates. Generally around 20%.

How do we solve this problem?

The good news is we know the source...

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