Introducing Next Level Course

There’s one phrase that I hear over and over from clients:

We want to take our course to the next level.
— Chris the course creator

But what does that mean?

Usually it means they have an existing course that isn’t performing well.

For instance, your learners might be getting stuck early in the course and you don't know why.

Or you're getting the same questions over and over and don't know how to make the content clearer.

When this happens there are a few typical results:

  • Stagnant sales
  • 'Meh' testimonials (if any)
  • That feeling that you're taking people's money without delivering results

Deep down in your gut you know all this, but you have zero hours to find and fix the problem.  

Because you're already wearing too many hats as it is.

You've got clients who need you, a family that misses you, and a gym to get back to (for real this time).

But instead of moving your business forward, you're stuck planning your course at 1 AM with a mind-map and a cup of tea.

That’s why I created the Next Level Course package. 

It’s time to take course planning off your shoulders so you can get back to making sales and managing your team.

But this isn’t JUST about getting your time back.

The Next Level Course package will help you: 

  • Create an accurate profile of your learners and their needs (to help your content creation and marketing)
  • Evaluate your content to find learning gaps and instructional obstacles that reduce completion rates 
  • Refine your learning outcomes, module objectives and course structure
  • Improve engagement in your course
  • Clarify your marketing strategy
  • Identify additional (revenue) opportunities for products or services

Next level courses do more than sell. They impact your audience. They boost your authority. They increase your profit.

But they also require a certain mindset.

Truthfully, there are two types of business owners who SAY they want to create next level courses:

  • Those who really want to DIY everything and save short-term funds 
  • Those who play the long-game by working with experts so they can focus on sales & marketing 

Which type are you?

Successful business owners save time and resources by hiring experts, so they can focus on sales and take their business to the next level.

If you're ready to take your course to the next level, I have 5 spots available for the Next Level Course package this round. 

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