The key to emailing your list consistently

How do I send out consistent email posts while doing all the other things my business needs? 

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

If you offer services or have a day job, I’m betting the answer is yes.

Consistency is hands down the hardest part about running an email list--especially when you start to grow. 


In his book Influence: the Science of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini calls consistency the "hobgoblin of the mind" because it's deeply connected to trust. 

And trust is a big deal.

Because someone doesn’t just land on your site and immediately purchase your products or services.

Instead, they’ll opt-in to your list to get to know you first.

They want to know if they can trust you to deliver results.

So when you show up regularly in your audience's inbox, you’re not just being consistent, you’re building trust.

And that greatly improves the chance that someone will buy from you.

Okay, so how do you stay consistent with email?

Here’s some tips: 

Commit to showing up

You knew this was coming! The best way to commit is to make writing a regular part of your schedule.

Block out daily or weekly time to get it done and make it non-negotiable.

(Hate writing? Record audio and have someone transcribe it or use text to speech tools. The how isn’t important. Just make it happen.)

Keep a list of topics

Okay, you’re committed, but what do you write about?

Well, remember how I’m always talking about getting to know your audience & doing research?

Use that research to make a list of questions and problems your audience has.

Then, badda-bing, badda-boom: you’ve got topics to write about.

Create an editorial calendar

If you want to go one step further, turn your topic list into an editorial calendar so you know exactly what to publish each week. 

Repurpose your blog content as an autoresponder

If you’re like me, you have a love/hate relationship with editorial calendars. (Face it, they're kinda bossy.)

That’s why autoresponders are the bees knees.

You can repurpose your existing, most popular content as an autoresponder and send it to new subscribers who may not have seen it before. (Aim to have three to six months of weekly autoresponder content.) 

Is overwhelm keeping you from emailing consistently?

Overwhelm is a symptom, not a cause. 

To get past it, you've got to find the root:

  • Are you saying yes to too many things?

  • Do you need to outsource or delegate more?

I should know. Last year I hit a wall in my business where I was constantly staying up until 2 AM (sometimes 4) to get things done.

It wasn’t sustainable and I was beyond burnout.

So I killed everything that wasn’t essential for three months and JUST focused on email marketing and systems.

The result was more revenue, more time and WAY less stress.

Want to know what the real cause was and how I turned things around?

In a couple days, I'll share more about my story and how I used systems & email to save my sanity (and how you can do the same).

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