Online Course Platform Review: Coach, Part 1

(Update: Coach is now Podia.)

Have you struggled to find a home for your online courses for one reason or another: lack of learning features, poor design, high fees, bad customer support, delayed payments, shady marketing, etc.?

Me too.

But there’s a new platform for online course creators that I’m excited about lately. It’s called Coach. 

This is an honest review based on my experience. I won't sugar-coat anything. I'll share what I love about Coach and what I think needs improvement. This is a two-part review. In this part, I outline the highlights of Coach and why I think it's worth a look. 

Disclaimer: I've recently become an affiliate for Coach because I believe in the platform. If you'd like to sign up with my link, click here.

A Little Background

Coach is the new kid on the block. It started as an online teaching platform for tutors. Then last year they pivoted to serve any entrepreneur who wants to create and sell products online. 

I’ll be honest: I’ve used a lot of online course platforms, so when the team at Coach contacted me I wasn’t expecting anything new. 

Here's Spencer looking suave. :D

Here's Spencer looking suave. :D

Then I met with Spencer Fry, the founder.

Spencer is the kind of guy you like as soon as you meet him. (You can check out my interview with him here.) 

During the interview, he was honest about what Coach was and what it wasn’t. He didn’t hide the fact that they were still figuring a few things out and that certain features weren’t available yet.

At the end of our interview he asked me “So when are you moving your course to Coach?”

I told him I'd have a look under the hood first. Here's what I found.

Spencer didn’t hide the fact that they were still figuring a few things out and that certain features weren’t available yet.


Features I Love

Intuitive Course Builder

Creating courses in Coach is really easy:

  • The drag and drop builder works flawlessly.

  • Adding sections for your lesson organization is simple.

  • Media uploads and displays without a glitch.

  • You can also add text beneath the uploaded files (great for instructions or contextual information).

  • You can track student progress.

  • Gorgeous design. No, really. Check out the images below.

This is what the course builder looks like.

This is what the course builder looks like.

This is what your course looks like for students with Coach.

Amazing Customer Support

From Day One I’ve been floored by the outstanding customer support at Coach. Floored.

Responses within minutes. Open invitations for feedback. With Coach there’s zero shadiness or pushy marketing. They genuinely care about helping you grow your business. 

Drip Emails

This has become my favorite feature in Coach. You can use their email newsletter system to send one-off newsletters or drip campaigns. 

For course creators, that means setting up on-boarding emails is a breeze! Set the trigger (i.e. purchasing your course), type up your email, set the delivery sequence and that's it. Coach will take it from there. Plus it tracks sends, opens and clicks.

Here's what my on-boarding sequence for my First 500 Subscribers course looks like:

Fast Development

Everything I’ve mentioned so far is great, but it didn't convince me to sign up with Coach.

What convinced me was seeing new features rolled out every 30 days. This team moves fast, my friends.

Every.single.time I emailed Spencer about a feature I wanted he said it was already on the roadmap or he added it to their feature request list. This is promising. 

Quick payouts & zero fees

Like getting paid quickly? Me too. Here's how Coach makes payments simple:

  • Coach pays you right away. (Some platforms place a 30 day hold on your money.)

  • Stripe and Paypal integrations come with every subscription tier. (Some platforms make you pay more for both.)

  • For paid plans, Coach doesn't charge any fees on top of your monthly subscription. (Want to save even more? Pay annually.)

Landing Pages and Analytics

Coach gives you built-in landing pages. You can use these for courses, downloadable products, newsletters--you name it.

Landing pages are essential when it comes to marketing online courses. And you need analytics to tell you how your landing pages are performing. Coach gives you both. 

While there’s still room for improvement with the landing pages--more on that in Part 2--the existence of these features shows that Coach is building an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, not just a course platform. One that has the potential to simplify your systems and put your income on autopilot. 

Speaking of systems...that’s when the areas for improvement pop up.

Next Steps

If you're curious about Coach, click here to sign up.

In Part 2, I'll share the areas for improvement in Coach so that you have a full picture. Plus, I'll share my updated LMS chart so you can see how Coach stacks up against other platforms. Click here to read Part 2 of my review. 

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