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Why I Don't Believe in Learning Styles Anymore

Why I Don't Believe in Learning Styles Anymore

A while back I listened to Pat Flynn’s podcast episode with Derek Halpern about selling. In the episode, Derek explains his POD technique for writing sales copy. But before he described his framework, he said something that I had never heard anyone else say out loud: you don’t just have one target customer, you have multiple.

Derek was right. (You have customer segments.) And yet, countless Internet gurus spread the myth that you have a single ‘customer avatar.’

(Sidebar: there is a good reason why people tell you this but it sends us down a rabbit hole, so let’s ignore it, k?)

The same is true with learning styles. They’re a myth. At best, they're an outdated theory on how we learn.

What kind of video should you create for your course?

Video is not only incredibly popular right now, it's also a great way to add more personalization and engagement to your course.

But what kind of video should you create?

There are four main types of videos in the online course stratosphere:

  1. Slide Deck videos
  2. Screencasts
  3. Animated Whiteboard videos
  4. Talking head videos

In this post, you'll learn more about each one and when to use them.

Why information isn't always the answer

After doing this work for nearly ten years, there’s one thing that new and experienced course creators do time and time again:

  • they assume the solution to a learning problem is to present the learner with more information.

But the actual learning solution is often more nuanced.

Because information just gives your learners data. In other words, it fills a knowledge gap. 

  • But information alone doesn’t transform your learners.
  • On top of that, too much information can overload them.

In order to spark that transformation, you have to do a little emotional digging.

How to Eliminate Harmful Learning Habits

According to Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, 40 - 45% of what we do each day is a habit, not a decision.

As I write this we’re a few days into a new year. This time of year ripe for reflection and resolutions.

You’ve set goals. But have you thought about your habits? 

  • Which ones are getting you closer to your goals?
  • Which ones are holding you back?
  • More importantly, how do you get past the habits that aren’t contributing to your success?

Technology is a distraction

It's been pretty quiet around here lately. Today you're going to find out why.

If you've followed my articles, you know I've spent a lot of time reviewing hosted online course platforms (like Thinkific and Coach), Learning Management System (LMS) plugins and talking about online course technology.

Starting today you won't see any new platform or plugin reviews on the site.

Why am I making this change?

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