The #1 mistake most course creators make

When I first pivoted from creating courses for colleges and corporations to serving entrepreneurs, one of my readers reached out for help designing her online course. We’ll call her Laura.

Laura is a therapist and a writer. She has a thriving audience who love her emails.

Because she was constantly getting questions from her audience, she figured an online course was the logical next step to teach them about therapy. 

And that’s where we made our first mistake.

Why your course isn't getting results

When one of my former clients (let’s call him Bryan) reached out to me about a new program he was running, he was frustrated. 

He’d sold a high-ticket, high value program, but wasn’t happy with the results his learners were getting. In fact, a couple of them had started grumbling about not getting their money’s worth.

(Sidebar: I love working with clients who give a damn.)

Bryan wasn’t just frustrated; he was stuck.

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