Why your course isn't getting results

When one of my former clients (let’s call him Bryan) reached out to me about a new program he was running, he was frustrated. 

He’d sold a high-ticket, high value program, but wasn’t happy with the results his learners were getting. In fact, a couple of them had started grumbling about not getting their money’s worth.

(Sidebar: I love working with clients who give a damn.)

Bryan wasn’t just frustrated; he was stuck.

What kind of video should you create for your course?

Video is not only incredibly popular right now, it's also a great way to add more personalization and engagement to your course.

But what kind of video should you create?

There are four main types of videos in the online course stratosphere:

  1. Slide Deck videos
  2. Screencasts
  3. Animated Whiteboard videos
  4. Talking head videos

In this post, you'll learn more about each one and when to use them.

Why information isn't always the answer

After doing this work for nearly ten years, there’s one thing that new and experienced course creators do time and time again:

  • they assume the solution to a learning problem is to present the learner with more information.

But the actual learning solution is often more nuanced.

Because information just gives your learners data. In other words, it fills a knowledge gap. 

  • But information alone doesn’t transform your learners.
  • On top of that, too much information can overload them.

In order to spark that transformation, you have to do a little emotional digging.

Get Off the Hustle Train 🚆

Being an entrepreneur means listening to endless soundbites about hustle. You always feel like you’re not doing enough...or at least that there’s more to do.

If you’re like me you love your work. That makes it easy to get lost in hustling for hustle’s sake.

But the problem with the hustle mentality is it usually means you’re working all the damn time

Here's how to get off the hustle train to burnout.

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