To drip or not to drip?

To drip or not to drip?

If you've been creating (or taking) online courses for a while, you're probably familiar with the drip vs self-paced conversation: are drip courses more effective than self-paced courses for learning?

The motivation for this age-old question comes from self-paced courses: they have notoriously low completion rates.

Only 10% of your students completing your self-paced course? Yep, that's not unusual.

But do completion results improve with a drip course? 🤔

Use the Power of Email to Grow Your Education Business

If you’re working on your first course, you might think you need to jump head first into trying to build the perfect course in an LMS.

Don’t do that.

For one, there’s no such thing as a perfect course.

If you want to provide quality and value, you should always be iterating and improving your course based on student feedback. (Contrary to the passive income myth, teaching isn’t a one and done thing.)

So instead of stressing out about creating a huge course, start small: Start with an email course.

How to motivate people to finish your online course

How to motivate people to finish your online course

You've spent months creating your online course. You launch it and sell out in a week. In the first couple weeks, people are excited, they're engaging...asking questions even!

But then you start to notice things drop off. With each week it seems that less people are working on the material (you know because you've checked the stats).

Here’s the truth: people will buy your course and never complete it. 

Online courses have a reputation for abysmal completion rates. Generally around 20%.

How do we solve this problem?

The good news is we know the source...

Should You Use Udemy for Your Online Course?

Should You Use Udemy for Your Online Course?

Have you ever thought about selling your online course on a marketplace like Udemy? If so, you're not alone.

Dozens of readers have emailed me questions about online course marketplaces. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to investigate! 

While I've never built any courses on a marketplace, I know several course creators who got their start on Udemy and other platforms. In this article I'll share the skinny on whether you should use a marketplace for your online course.

Is it too late for me to create an online course?

These days it seems like everyone is making an online course. And if yours is still in the works it’s easy to get discouraged. 

Maybe you’ve seen a lot of ‘competition’ and feel like it’s not worth the hassle?

Maybe you’re just overwhelmed and talking yourself out of doing the work?

Maybe you struggle with the technology part and feel behind the curve?

Whatever the reason, I’m here to tell you it’s not too late. Take it from someone who’s spent the past 8 years creating online courses: when it comes to entrepreneurs building courses, the market is young. 

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