Want to sell without being pushy? Read this

Want to sell without being pushy? Read this

In my last post, you read about how people try to skip validating their course topic, specifically Customer Development Interviews.

CDIs (a method of pre-validation) help you create a more meaningful, focused course.

Still people try to skip 'em.

For example, about 8 months ago Ken (not his real name) reached out to me because he had a proven process he wanted to turn into an online course. (He’d been putting it off for 3 years and was sick of having it on his 'one day' list.)

Segmentation for Course Creators

When it comes to email marketing, you’re probably overwhelmed with information on how you should be emailing. One of the worst pieces of advice swirling around a few years back was that you had one avatar. The ‘one avatar’ advice is a good starting point, but as you grow it’s not enough. That’s because, you have multiple segments in your audience.

Before we get too deep, let’s talk about what a segment is.

8 Email Marketing Lessons

8 Email Marketing Lessons

Trying every marketing tactic is a recipe for burnout. The solution is to focus on one channel—ideally where your audience hangs out. 

That’s what makes email marketing so powerful: you’re reaching your audience where they’re at.

Lately I’ve been helping a few clients market their courses (designing funnels, writing sales copy, planning launches, etc). And I love it.

I’ll share more about this in the future…for now, here's a few email marketing tips

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