About Janelle

Hi, I’m Janelle Allen. I'm an Instructional Designer who specializes in custom online courses that improve student results, increase revenue, and boost authority.

In 2015, I hit the brakes on my multi-six figure course design agency and made a pivot to serve entrepreneurs and mid-size businesses: thus Zen Courses was born.

My mission is to help business owners like you make actionable, learner-focused online courses that change lives. 

Thanks very much Janelle....already my brain is in overdrive about how to validate my course 😊

The way you break things down makes it all seem so manageable rather than overwhelming.
— Jenny Blair


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How I'm Different

There are 91,537 people trying to teach you about online courses these days (yes, that's an exact number). So, you're probably wondering why I'm worth your time. Here's how I'm different:

  • I don't believe courses are passive income. That myth undermines your grind and makes you feel like you're doing something wrong. You're not. Online courses are hard work. I can help.

  • With a Masters of Science degree in Instructional Technology, I'm trained to identify learning gaps, design online learning, and manage Subject Matter Experts.

  • My mission is to help you create profitable online courses that change lives. I'm not here to sell you a watered-down $2000 program that leaves you with a pretty course but no sales. Ain't nobody got time for that!

  • I've spent nearly ten years creating courses for a variety of clients, including colleges, universities, corporations, and small businesses. You can read my resume here.

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Great email. I’m subscribed to a lot of these newsletters as I’m in the process of launching a new business, and yours is one of the only few I read.
— John Miles

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