Creating the online course allowed me to be more accessible and help more people at once.
— Victoria Stith

Episode Summary

What’s up everyone! I am here today with Victoria Stith, a therapist, new course creator, and a recent graduate of my group program, Finish Your Damn Course! After many starts and stops on her own, Victoria joined Finish Your Damn Course to overcome her fears, get unstuck, and create her online course.

In this episode, Victoria shares her experience in the program, how she overcame resistance, and what it was like to finish--and teach--her damn course. Let’s dig in! 

Episode Highlights

01:02 Getting to know Victoria Stith, Rapid Five Questions

05:17 Victoria's motivation in creating her online course

06:10 The challenges that motivated Victoria to join Finish Your Damn Course

10:21 Results after joining Finish Your Damn Course  

13:04 Hardest part of the program and how Victoria pushed through it

15:43 Overview about Victoria's course - course goal and who it’s for 

19:12 Importance of pre-validation with your audience

21:01 Victoria's experience in teaching the course LIVE

23:39 Benefits and insights from going through Finish Your Damn Course

26:35 Victoria's advice for those people stuck in creating online courses 

27:41 Exciting things coming up from Victoria, website link and Facebook group

Connect with Victoria

Ready to Finish Your Damn Course?

There are 8 spots left for my group program, Finish Your Damn Course. Early enrollment ends on August 15 for those on the waitlist. Regular enrollment starts on August 21. Click the link below to learn more about FYDC!

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