Episode Summary

What’s up, everybody! It is great to be back! For those just tuning in, I’m back from a two-month summer break and I’m excited to be doing the show again. Before we start this episode, I want to thank my listeners. We’re on the 100th episode of Level Up Your Course! Thank you so much for being here and being part of the Zen Courses family. 

Business is just about solving problems.
— Janelle Allen

During my summer hiatus, I realized that I’m in a personal growth period. In this episode, I share the key things I’ve done to embrace this transition and my thoughts on why delegation is a vital part of the growth process. I also dig into how the course stratosphere is changing, too, and give you a sneak peek into next week’s episode. New things are coming up for Zen Courses, so get pumped! 

Episode Highlights

00:56 I'm back! It was a great summer break!

02:18 Embracing the growth period - "I hired a business coach and had therapy"

06:42 Why and when to delegate? Importance of delegation/automation in the growth process

10:40 Exciting things coming up for Zen Courses

18:01 What is the state of online courses? 

25:52 A peek about the next episode coming up next week

27:27 Happy 100th episode! My thank you message for you

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