Having a visual component helps people to see things in action.
— Josh Doody

Episode Summary

What’s up, everybody! In this episode, I’m joined by Josh Doody, author and founder of Fearless Salary Negotiation. After successfully negotiating his own salary, Josh wrote a #1 bestselling book to help others learn his process. Soon after, he added video courses to help his students better implement the strategies. In this episode, Josh shares how he turned his book into an online course, why he still coaches clients, and what he's learned along the way.

Episode Highlights

01:17 Getting to know Josh Doody, Rapid 5 Questions

05:45 Josh's career and business journey

10:04 Overview of Josh's book (Fearless Salary Negotiation)

14:55 Augmenting the book with online courses

17:14 How Josh started the coaching component  

21:33 A peek inside the course bundles

25:08 Creating actionable worksheets and templates

30:05 Gathering learners’ feedback and how to make use of it

35:33 Awesome things coming up from Josh, website links

Where to find Josh

Grab the bonus segment!

Want to hear more? Josh and I recorded a bonus segment where we discuss how he packages his courses, why he decided to offer coaching and how to resolve small pains in your business.

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