I want to use these instructional design principles to help people reach their goals.
— Joel Hooks

Episode Summary

What’s up, everybody? In this episode, I’m joined by Joel Hooks, co-founder of egghead.io. egghead is an education platform built for developers by developers. They specialize in no-fluff, just-in-time online lessons and courses for web developers. Joel and I chat about the importance of instructional design, why it’s often overlooked, and how egghead is using learning design to improve their product--in other words, we geek out. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights

00:54 Getting to know Joel Hooks, Rapid 5 Questions

03:57 Overview of egghead.io - how it started and who it’s for

06:56 Joel's teaching journey

08:17 Instructional design principles - improving the quality of learning

11:43 Overcoming the stuck zone, Amy Hoy's concept of "backwards planning"

13:00 Instructional design and the affective domain   

16:08 egghead’s approach to teaching

20:35 Exciting things coming up from Joel Hooks, website links

Where to find Joel

Grab the bonus!

If you’re a designer, developer, or coder, this bonus is for you. We chat about building authority in your career and share some book recommendations to help you implement instructional design in your course.

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