One of the biggest reasons that people don’t succeed as an online course creator is they give up too easily.
— Jacques Hopkins

Episode Summary

Hey, everyone! Today, I am joined by Jacques Hopkins, founder of Piano in 21 Days. After years of piano lessons, Jacques realized that he could only play two songs no matter how much he practiced. Luckily, he soon learned a new approach that allowed him to play hit songs--in minutes.

Jacques decided to teach his piano playing method online. He joins me today to share his course, how he struggled with sales, and the system that eventually helped him generate $40k per month. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights

01:44 Getting to know Jacques Hopkins, Rapid 5 Questions

05:10 Jacques business/online coaching journey

08:47 The impetus in creating "Piano in 21 Days"

10:24 Overview about Piano in 21 Days - who is it for?

12:15 Early stages of the course, challenges encountered

16:40 Course structure and goal - 80/20 principle

18:15 How to overcome the hurdles and stuck zones?

22:08 Pricing tier, course materials/resources included

27:19 Jacques insights for online course creators

30:13 Awesome things coming up from Jacques Hopkins, website links

Where to find Jacques

Grab the bonus!

If you enjoyed the interview, join us in the bonus segment! You’ll learn Jacques’ approach to pricing and packaging. We also dig into his approach to evergreen sales funnels.

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