Episode Summary

What’s up, everybody! We’re changing things up this week with a solo episode. I’m excited to share this with you because I dig into some key things you need to be thinking about.

First: the state of online marketing. What’s going on, and how will it affect online courses? I’ll also share a bit about building community and making sales. You’ll hear some of the lessons I’ve learned and the tools I recommend for improving and growing your business. Lastly, you’ll get the scoop about what’s coming up for Zen Courses and the Level Up Your Course Podcast; I’ve got some fun and exciting things planned for this summer!

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Listen to Learn

01:09 What can you expect in this episode?

02:45 State of the online market - then and now

05:43 The resurgence of high ticket coaching programs

07:31 Overview of Bloom's 3 Domains of Learning and the importance of having a community

08:58 Why more people are out of Facebook? Where are they going?  

13:19 Personalization and using videos in your content

15:21 What's happening with Zen Courses

17:14 Lessons I have learned from Q1 - things to change and improve

23:38 What's coming up for summer 2019 - updates, future interviews

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