Pinterest virtual assistance turned into this new opportunity which I never thought - in a million years - would be a thing.
— Kristin Larsen

Episode Summary

Hey, everyone! In this episode, I’m joined by Kristin Larsen: Pinterest expert, course creator, and founder of Believe In a Budget. Blogging wasn’t an easy journey for Kristin until she discovered the power of Pinterest as a search engine to drive traffic to her websites. As she gained visibility, other bloggers began reaching out to her for her Pinterest strategies. The interest allowed her to first become a Pinterest virtual assistant, and later to create Pinterest Presence.

Her course is a self-paced program that equips students with the technical training to leverage Pinterest, including Pin design, Pinterest SEO, and Pin scheduling. Check out this episode to hear Kristin’s journey from blogger to VA to course creator, and how you can use her strategies to skyrocket your own traffic.

Episode Highlights

01:05 Getting to know Kristin Larsen, Rapid 5 Questions

05:15 Kristin's entrepreneurial story

08:15 Overview of Pinterest Presence - who is it for?

11:50 Kristin's customer platform - one-on-one vs buying the course

13:50 Challenges faced creating the course

18:05 Course structure of Pinterest Presence

19:16 How Kristin supports her learners in the stuck zone

20:06 Lessons learned doing the course

21:47 A peek inside the course materials and students' results taking the course  

23:30 Tips for online course creators and how the course impacted Kristin's business

25:44 Exciting things coming up from Kristin and website links

Check out Kristin’s Course!

If you’re on my list, you know that I’m testing out new marketing methods over the next 90 days. Well Pinterest is the first one up! I just signed up for Kristin’s course. If you want to give Pinterest a try, I highly recommend joining her course too. (Full disclosure: I also signed up to be an affiliate for Kristin’s course.)

Enjoy this episode? Grab the bonus segment!

Join us in the bonus segment! It’s a great conversation about why you should be marketing on Pinterest, and some tips to use it for leveling up your business.

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