Building a successful business requires hard work, but it doesn’t have to be difficult work.
— Jennifer Bourn

Episode Summary

What’s up, everyone? In this episode, I am joined by Jennifer Bourn, designer and owner of Bourn Creative Agency. Starting a business while pregnant was a challenge for Jennifer. Marketing automation was the key to the freedom and flexibility she wanted for her family, and it eventually paved the way for the client management system behind her business. While project management is important, Jennifer stresses that it can’t come at the expense of client management.

Her course, Profitable Project Plan, is designed for developers and business owners to support the client-focused side of their business. It’s a 14-week program that explains Jennifer’s system in an easy-to-understand and interactive way. Listen as Jennifer and I talk about Profitable Project Plan, its development, and how it empowers business owners to create consistency and take control of their business.

Episode Highlights

01:00 Getting to know Jennifer Bourn, Rapid 5 Questions

04:30 Jennifer's career and business journey

06:34 How marketing automation impacted Jennifer's life and business

09:09 Jennifer's teaching journey and the transition to doing online courses

12:28 Scaling your business - "Success is not the same for every person"

15:13 Profitable Project Plan - course structure & who it’s for  

17:05 How to manage the "stuck zone" and help students stay on track

23:07 What is Profitable Project Plan? Why client management is important?   

26:51 Profitable Project Plan - selecting the course materials

31:31 The main purpose of tiered pricing

33:00 Jennifer's insights about creating online courses

35:34 Exciting things coming up from Jennifer, website and social media links

Where to find Jennifer

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Join us in the bonus segment! It’s a great conversation about Jennifer’s course, Profitable Project Plan, and her pregnancy story.

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