As a course creator, the biggest thing is listening to your students.
— Rachel Brenke

Episode Summary

Hey, everyone! I’m joined in this episode by Rachel Brenke: lawyer, MBA, and entrepreneur. Rachel knows the legal challenges that startups face and she’s dedicated to helping small businesses implement strategic legal plans. Her course, Blog Legally, equips bloggers and entrepreneurs with legal information in a budget-friendly medium. It doesn’t just save them time and money; it saves new business owners from being overwhelmed by big law firms or CPAs. Stay tuned as Rachel shares valuable information about protecting your rights, filing your taxes, and writing your disclaimers and disclosures.

Episode Highlights

00:16 Getting to know Rachel Brenke, Rapid 5 Questions

03:02 Rachel's journey into entrepreneurship

06:50 Blog Legally - motivation and who it’s for

11:02 Overview of the course structure

15:58 What did Rachel learn as a course creator?

20:02 Blog Legally - modules and lessons

26:51 Legal challenges in creating Blog Legally

28:19 Tip: Beware of over-information

33:08 Awesome things coming up from Rachel, website link

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