Your business shouldn’t just become another job; it needs to fulfill something in you.
— Michelle Ward

Episode Summary

What’s up, everybody! Joining me on the show today is Michelle Ward: former actress, entrepreneur, and certified coach. After making the tough choice to leave the world of theatre, and after choosing her health over a stressful job, she decided to stop playing by other people’s rules. Now as a career coach, she uses her program, Discover Your Dream Business, to help creative people find a business idea they can be passionate about. Listen to find out more about her online course, her journey and her advice for discovering your dream business.

Episode Highlights

01:10 Getting to know Michelle Ward, Rapid Five Questions

04:25 Michelle's business journey

10:35 90 Day Business Launch and overview of Discover Your Dream Business

16:19 Discover Your Dream Business - program structure

19:20 Discover Your Dream Business - who is it for?

19:56 Pricing and why it is important

22:43 Michelle's testimony about her client

25:11 Where are the suck and stuck zones in your program?

29:57 Your business shouldn't become just another job

33:25 Exciting things coming up from Michelle, website/social media links

Where to find Michelle

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