You can’t stay in planning-mode forever. It is the action that you take that’s going to make this real.
— Jennifer Lee

Episode Summary

Welcome, everybody! I am joined today by Jennifer Lee, bestselling author, coach, and founder of Artizen Coaching®. Jennifer spent ten years in corporate America as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies before going full-time into coaching in 2006. Her first book, The Right-Brain Business Plan, paved the way for her Right-Brain Business Plan® Home Study program, a self-paced course that offers a creative and intuitive way to finish your business plan. She joins me today to share her business journey and a walk-through of the program. We discuss the early stages of her course, the home-study approach, and her powerful tips for those who want to adopt a similar model.

Episode Highlights

00:20 Getting to know Jennifer Lee, Rapid 5 Questions

04:49 Jennifer’s business journey

09:15 The mindset - "You're not just a coach, you're a business owner"

12:26 Overview of the book "The Right-Brain Business Plan"  

14:29 The Right-Brain Plan® Home Study - how did it start?

18:38 Why start first with a live content?

19:42 The Right-Brain Plan® Home Study program - home study model & licensing facilitators

22:55 The Right-Brain Plan® Home Study program - course goal

25:09 Overcoming the "stuck zone" in business planning

28:19 Challenges in transitioning to a home study program   

34:10 Why Jennifer adopted the licensing model - tips and advice

38:30 Awesome things to look forward from Jen, website link

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