We need to return to a human experience where people feel seen and heard; the best way to do that is email.
— Val Geisler

Episode Summary

Hey, everyone! I’m joined today by Val Geisler, an email marketing conversion copywriter. Val, who has been called an “email savant,” got started in marketing but found her real passion in email-related projects. Her exclusive online course, the Email Masters Incubator, is for copywriters who are looking to leverage email marketing for better customer experiences and retention. She teaches her students how to strategically utilize different platforms, allowing them to work more efficiently with their clients. Val and I discuss her course modules, the challenges she faced when creating the program, and her tips to overcome the “stuck zone”.

Episode Highlights

01:19 Getting to know Val Geisler, Rapid 5 Questions

05:03 Val's business journey - copywriting and onboarding  

10:05 The process of specialization in email - "Scary but validating"

17:05 How "Email Masters Incubator" started

27:31 The impact of listening to your audience, creating the paid workshop

25:05 What is the goal of the program?

29:43 Overview of the program structure and modules

28:30 Challenges in creating the program

33:00 Where people get stuck and how Val supports them

38:30 Exciting things coming up from Val, website and social media links

Where to find Val

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