Everything in life is sales. If it doesn’t cost them money, it costs them time.
— Sean McCabe

Episode Summary

What’s up, everyone! I am joined today by Sean McCabe, founder of Sean Wes, author of Overlap: The Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Side Passion into a Successful Business, and creator of Supercharge Your Writing, a copywriting masterclass that aims to help you double your sales by fixing your messaging. We talk about his course and business model, and his journey from hand-lettering artist to business educator.

Episode Highlights

00:25 Getting to know Sean McCabe, Rapid Five Questions

04:22 Sean's business journey

09:30 The evolution from hand lettering to online course creation

16:07 Supercharge Your Writing - who is it for and what problem does it solve?

17:15 Is it okay to talk more about yourself?

22:08 Understanding the "open loop" strategy

24:12 Why is it important to learn/write to sell?

28:38 Sean's tips in creating effective messaging

36:51 Supercharge Your Writing - course structure and modules

38:05 Where students get stuck and how Sean supports them

40:10 Choosing your business model: access vs ownership

50:01 Exciting things coming up from Sean McCabe, website and social media links

Where to find Sean

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