We find success by saying yes to the things that we really want before we are ready.
— Tiffany Han

Episode Summary

What’s up, everybody! I am joined today by Tiffany Han, founder of Say Yes Creative. Tiffany is a writer, teacher, and coach who believes that progress and success are made when we stop waiting for things to be perfect. Her course, Raise Your Hand Say Yes, is designed for smart, driven women who are tired of over-extending themselves in a life dictated by others. She’s here to chat about her journey, her program, and how she says yes to success.

Episode Highlights

00:20 Getting to know Tiffany Han, Rapid 5 Questions

04:08 Tiffany's business journey

06:47 Connection of psychology and art & expression - "My art is my writing"

12:20 How Tiffany got the name "Raise Your Hand Say Yes"

14:53 The "Raise Your Hand Say Yes" life

17:56 Raise Your Hand Say Yes - who is it for? what problem does it solve?

19:55 Course goal - what students need to accomplish

22:05 Tiffany's motivation in creating "Raise Your Hand Say Yes"

24:23 Course structure and online community

28:45 The "stuck zone" and how Tiffany keeps his students motivated

38:00 Tiffany's advice for course creators

39:41 Exciting things to look forward to from Tiffany, website and social media links

Where to find Tiffany

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Join us in the bonus segment! It’s a great conversation about having that Raise Your Hand Say Yes life.

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