If you keep the WHY in mind, all your decisions that you make on a daily basis will get you there.
— Jason Resnick

Episode Summary

Hello everybody! Joining me today is Jason Resnick – web developer, business coach and email marketing specialist. He is here with us to share his journey and his online course (Feast). Feast is a roadmap and a community for freelancers to niche down, specialize their business and build recurring revenue.

Episode Highlights

00:17 Getting to know Jason Resnick, Rapid Five Questions

04:00 Jason's career and business journey - web development, business coaching

07:31 Learning from failures

11:53 Feast - who is it for, what problem does it solve?

13:28 Jason's motivation in creating Feast; The early days of Feast

19:52 What is the program goal?

20:23 Feast - program structure and modules included

28:21 Where do people get stuck and how do you support them?

33:09 Jason's advice and insights for freelancers

35:37 Time management tips from Jason

39:32 Awesome things coming up from Jason

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