If you try to market to everyone, you’re going to end up marketing to no one.
— Katelyn Bourgoin

Episode Summary

Hello everybody! Joining me today is Katelyn Bourgoin – growth strategist and consultant. She is here to share her journey and the story behind her Customer Discovery Training course. Customer discovery is figuring out if people want what you're building before building it. Her course helps content creators know their ideal customers and what to build to accelerate their growth. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights

00:13 Getting to know Katelyn Bourgoin, Rapid 5 Questions

06:38 What is a growth strategist? Katelyn's business journey

10:04 The future of growth in business - "People don't believe advertising anymore"

14:11 Overview of Katelyn's course (Customer Discovery), "Jobs to Be Done" framework

18:23 Example of JTBD - Infopreneurs vs Tech Startups

21:45 Difference between customer discovery and customer development

28:07 Various ways of getting customer feedbacks, product market fit

31:47 Customer Discovery Training Course - who is it for?

33:45 Katelyn's upcoming course for product marketers (Trigger Technique)

35:15 Customer Discovery Training Course - course goal, structure and modules

40:29 Where do people get stuck in the course? How do you support them through?

43:40 Targeting your ideal customers, why marketing to everyone won't work

47:26 Exciting things to look forward from Katelyn, website links

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