Episode Summary

What’s up everyone! Today, I am joined by Dorie Clark, marketing strategy consultant, author and course creator. Dorie and I chat about her business journey, her course (Rapid Content Creation Masterclass) and strategies for content creation. Content creation has always been a very big challenge for course creators. Dorie shares three key points where people get stuck: time management, what topic to write and what format to use. Enjoy!

You don’t have to blog. What’s necessary is a consistent way that you’re committed in sharing your ideas.
— Dorie Clark

Episode Highlights

01:41 Getting to know Dorie Clark, Rapid 5 Questions

05:58 Dorie's business journey - entrepreneur, marketing strategist

08:45 What it's like running your own organization/business?

12:14 Importance of consistent effort

15:25 The secret to consistency

19:53 Is blogging necessary to build your brand?

22:12 Time management in creating content

26:12 Rapid Content Creation Masterclass - who is it for?

27:47 Dorie's motivation in creating the course

29:14 The course goal - end results for students after completing the course

31:26 Course structure and content

35:47 Three key points where students get stuck in content creation

41:56 Dorie's tips about creating content

42:40 Awesome things coming up from Dorie, website links

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Dorie and I recorded a bonus conversation about specific strategies for content creation.

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