Social media allows entrepreneurs to connect with people on an individual level.
— Andrea Jones

Episode Summary

Hello everybody! Joining us today is Andrea Jones. Andrea is a social media strategist and course creator. Being a social media enthusiast, she understood the power of social media in adding value to businesses. Her course Savvy Social School helps online course creators and entrepreneurs master different social media platforms, generate leads, build an audience and more.

Episode Highlights

00:15 Getting to know Andrea Jones, Rapid 5 Questions

05:15 How Andrea became a social media strategist

08:53 Importance of family support in starting a business

10:36 How can social media add value to your business

13:01 Managing the "overwhelm" of sharing personal content

15:30 Best practices for time management in using social media

19:23 How can course creators leverage social media

21:54 Overview of Savvy Social School

24:31 A peek inside the membership program

28:00 Knowing which social media platform to focus on

32:59 Andrea's thoughts about using Facebook

35:39 Tips on being more strategic with social media

36:53 Exciting things coming up from Andrea, course and social media links

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