Coaching has been a big part of my life in allowing me to succeed.
— Michael Knouse

Episode Summary

What’s up everyone! Today my guest is Michael Knouse, a business coach and strategist. Having personally experienced the impact of coaching, Michael transitioned from a corporate career into becoming a business coach for visionary business builders. His program Growth Catalyst helps service entrepreneurs grow their business through mentorship and various coaching strategies. Listen as Michael shares his journey as a business coach, and how he structured Growth Catalyst to give his clients the best results.

Episode Highlights

00:38 Getting to know Michael Knouse, Rapid 5 Questions

07:13 Michael's journey becoming a business coach

11:20 "My Big Wake Up Call" - rough experiences in the business

14:40 Recovering from burnout, moving forward and thriving

16:54 Overview about Growth Catalyst - who is it for?

25:22 Structure of Growth Catalyst program - what do participants get?

28:34 Strategy of grouping people by levels

31:08 How to get participants out from the "stuck zone"?

35:07 How do you solve for mindsets and habits? Importance of assessment/evaluation

40:45 Growth Catalyst and other service offerings

46:34 Awesome things to look forward from Michael, social media links

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Want to Hear More?

Michael and I recorded a bonus segment for you. It’s a great conversation around growth and scaling your business.

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