Education is the best way to get attention, to grow an audience, to make an impact.
— Ryan Clover-Owens

Episode Summary

Hello everybody! Joining us today is Ryan Clover-Owens – librarian, web designer and course creator. Ryan is a student in my new group program, Finish Your Damn Course. This episode was super fun to create. Ryan and I chat about his online course vision, the mental roadblocks he encountered, and his results from the program.

Episode Highlights

01:00 Getting to know Ryan Clover-Owens

05:05 Ryan's web design business

08:53 Challenges and motivations to join "Finish Your Damn Course"

12:20 Overview of Ryan's web design course

22:15 Who is the course for?

28:00 Identifying your audience - interviews, sales page

34:18 Ryan's big wins from Janelle's program

38:40 A peak inside: course structure and modules

58:16 Insights and learnings creating the course

42:20 Exciting things coming from Ryan, links

50:50 How to Join Finish Your Damn Course!

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