Video takes away that barrier of being far. It is a great connector.
— Xayli Barclay

Episode Summary

What’s up everyone! Today, I am joined by Xayli Barclay, video content strategist and course creator. Xayli discovered the power of video through her work as clothing designer and beauty blogger. After getting many questions about creating videos, she pivoted to make video strategy her focus. In this episode you’ll learn about her journey, her course and her tips on creating awesome videos.

If you’re thinking about getting started with video or want to know how to run a YouTube channel, this episode is for you. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights

00:13 Getting to know Xayli Barclay, Rapid 5 Questions

04:40 The business journey - Xayli the video maven

07:38 Why video is so powerful? What is it that makes it magical?

11:34 What to focus on in making videos? Challenges etc.

14:38 The Ultimate Video Strategy, Planning and Execution System

22:23 Xayli's motivation in creating Start, Shoot, Grow Video Academy

24:27 More about Start, Shoot, Grow Video Academy

27:30 How to know how much content to create for your course?

29:55 The learners journey - how to help students not to get stuck

32:52 Milestones of students in their video journey

34:40 Exciting things coming up from Xayli

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