I want to make a difference on this planet. I’m on a mission to educate the world.
— Chris Do

Episode Summary

Hey, hey! Joining us on the show today is Chris Do, an Emmy award-winning director, designer and educator. Chris is also the CEO of Blind, a design consultancy in Los Angeles. In this episode, Chris and I talk about The Futur, his online education platform for designers. We also get into a pretty intense discussion about democratizing education. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights

00:02 What is the ultimate goal of The Futur?

04:13 Challenges in Developing countries, thoughts on how to solve them

12:23 Course creation process, how to make content more actionable

17:37 How do you figure out the learner's journey?

19:41 How teaching design differ from other courses?

25:13 Importance of community in education

27:26 Things to look forward to from Chris, links and announcements

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Want to Hear More?

Chris and I couldn’t stop talking...so we recorded a bonus segment. In it, we talk learning business skills as a designer, how to get out of your comfort zone, the digital divide and more. It’s a great conversation!

Click here to grab the bonus episode.

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