When it comes to vulnerability, it’s about taking very small steps.
— Connie Biesalski

Episode Summary

Hello everyone! Today I am joined by Conni Biesalski. Conni is a photographer, digital filmmaker, entrepreneur and marketing mentor. Her course The Art of Vulnerability helps students connect with themselves and other people on a deeper level, develop personal growth, and overcome their struggles and fears.

Episode Highlights

00:23 Getting to know Conni, Rapid 5 Questions

04:28 Conni's business journey - travel blogging, course creator, helping people

08:38 Biggest surprise when Conni started being vulnerable in sharing

11:18 Overview of the online course “The Art of Vulnerability”

15:00 Validation process before starting the course

18:11 Who the course is for?

21:30 Designing the course curriculum and launching it

27:43 The course structure - modules and lessons

32:20 Where do students get stuck and how do you support them?

40:48 Exciting things coming up from Conni, links and announcements

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Conni and I recorded a bonus segment on how to build community online, which tools work best, and more. Click here to get access.

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