No plan survives contact with the real world.
— Janelle (modified from Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke)

Episode Summary

Hey everybody, welcome to the very first episode of 2019! In this episode, I’ll share the highlights of 2018, including the challenges, wins, and lessons learned. This is a follow-up from my Annual Review on the blog, which you can read here. And, of course, we’ll talk about the awesome things coming up in 2019!

Episode Highlights

00:05 Episode Intro

01:18 My 2018: Highlights, Challenges and Wins

11:40 Lessons learned from 2018

21:00 Exciting things coming up for 2019

26:15 My tips and recommendations for you

Want More?

Click here to read my full 2018 Annual Review.

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