(Sometimes you get lucky and find a podcast episode you thought you lost. This is an episode from 2017, when the show was still called The Zen Courses Show. Enjoy!)

I believe podcasting is the best way to share your message.
— Daniel J. Lewis

Episode Summary

What’s up everyone! Joining me today on the show is Daniel Lewis. He is an educator, podcast advocate and award-winning podcaster. He’s also the creator of The Audacity to Podcast course. In this episode, Daniel shares how podcasting benefits course creators and how to implement SEO in podcasts.

Episode Highlights

00:29 Getting to know Daniel

02:14 Rapid 5 Questions

03:40 Daniel's journey becoming The Audacity to Podcast guy

08:26 How podcasts can benefit course creators?

12:33 Overview of SEO for Podcasters

15:16 Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important?

17:26 How to implement SEO in your podcast?

19:04 Helpful tools in finding SEO keywords

20:09 The course development process and goal

22:56 Activities inside SEO for Podcasters

26:52 Exciting things coming up from Daniel, links and announcements

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