There’s always going to be a gap, your job is to identify that gap and close it one step at a time.
— Alex Hillman

Episode Summary

Hey everybody! We have Alex Hillman on the show today. Alex is the founder of Indy Hall, a coworking community in Philadelphia; he’s also the co-founder of, along with Amy Hoy.

In this episode, Alex and I discuss the essence of trust in relationship building and community building, the story behind 30x500 (his and Amy’s flagship course), and how to identify & close the gap between what is obvious to you and what is obvious to your students. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights

00:20 Getting to know Alex, Rapid 5 Questions

03:21 Alex's business journey: web development to co-working

09:47 The essence of TRUST in community and relationship building

15:32 Alex's teaching journey: HOW and WHY?

18:37 Overview of Alex and Amy’s flagship course, 30x500

22:53 Why people have the tendency to put the course before the audience?

25:15 Overhauling the bad habits, challenges faced, breaking down how to do things

32:09 A practical example: Sales Safari

35:12 Figuring out the "Stuck Zone"

39:15 Addressing the bad habits and changes that happened after

47:22 Alex's tips for course creators

51:50 Exciting things coming up from Alex, links and announcements

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Alex and I recorded a bonus segment on how to build community online, which tools work best, and more. Click here to get access.

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