I realized the most successful marketing channel was email.
— Nathan Barry

Episode Summary

What’s up everybody! Joining us in this episode is Nathan Barry, the founder/CEO of ConvertKit, an email marketing company for creators. You might expect that Nathan is a huge proponent of using email to connect, grow, and sell. What you may not know is that BEFORE ConvertKit, he was using email as the main channel to grow his blog. In this episode, Nathan shares his story and how to use email courses to connect with your audience and sell products.

Episode Highlights

00:33 Getting to know Nathan Barry, Rapid 5 Questions

06:16 Nathan's email courses journey (ConvertKit)

08:55 Pushing content through email - what makes it so powerful?

12:40 Nathan's core value - "Teach Everything"

15:46 Tips for starters and how to overcome resistance

19:12 Transitioning to email courses

26:05 Why email courses are more effective than a PDF download?

28:35 Tactics to make your emails more actionable and engaged

34:00 How to use email courses to pitch a product?

39:13 Industries where email courses isn't a good fit

40:46 Exciting things coming up from Nathan Barry, links and announcements

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Listen to the bonus segment! Nathan and I recorded a bonus conversation on how to get subscribers and stay consistent with email. Click the link below to get access.

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