What online courses often lack is someone pushing them in real time with real consequences
— Justin Jackson

Episode Summary

Welcome, everyone! Joining us on the show today is the fabulous Justin Jackson, founder of MegaMaker, Transistor.fm and the creator of the course, Marketing for Developers. In this episode, Justin and I chat about the importance of interaction with learners in online courses, the challenge of low completion rates of online courses, and how developers can implement strategies that push learners to be interested and complete the course.

Oh, and we talked so much that we ran out of time. So make sure you grab the bonus segment! Enjoy!

Episode Highlights

00:38 Getting to know Justin, Rapid 5 Questions

05:15 Justin's journey becoming an online entrepreneur

10:00 How to know when to build an email list and build an audience?

13:37 WHY? From book into an online course

17:49 Structure overview of Marketing for Developers

22:03 Challenges Justin experience as a course creator

25:44 Figuring out the learner journey, what online courses often lack

32:11 Tips in helping learners make progress

41:58 How do online courses fit in your business model?

45:15 How to keep people interested while creating the course?

48:56 Pricing tiers of Marketing for Developers

52:48 Awesome things to look forward to from Justin, links and announcements

Want More Podcast-goodness?

Listen to the bonus segment! Justin and I recorded a bonus conversation on vulnerability, mental health, and more rarely talked about topics in entrepreneurship. Sooooo good. Click the link below to get access.

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